Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recchiuti: Peanut Butter Pucks

So Halloween is almost here. The whole freaking year flew past, with about a million business trips to a million different places – and some natural disasters – completely blowing my perspective of time. For a while, I had to look at my blackberry in the morning to figure out what city I was in, who I was meeting with, and what we were talking about so that I pulled the right set of notes and slides out of my bag for the day.
Yeah, that’s not so happy. But do you know what is happy? Halloween candy. And it’s coming. Which means that baskets and bowls full of some of my favorite childhood treats – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – are emerging left and right.
I’ll be able to resist them, though, because I know of far better chocolate-peanut butter concoctions now, at the wise old age of 31. Concoctions such as Recchiuti’s Peanut Butter Pucks.

Organic peanut butter. Milk chocolate. Fleur de sel.

In other words, this is the stuff. The minute you open the box, a clear peanut aroma emerges, and the chocolate shell has a nutty flavor complimented by a subtle burnt edge.

It isn’t excessively sweet like mass-produced milk chocolate confection, and is smooth and milky rather than sticky and grainy.

The hint of salt in the interior complements its nutty flavor and slow melt; the entire puck is, well, puck-like in that it is dense and well-matched to the density of the milk chocolate shell. I feared that it would form a chocolate peanut butter black hole and suck me in.
Actually, on second thought, that doesn’t sound bad. So, go ahead and order some of these. And then I’ll come by for trick or treat and take all of them.
What’s your favorite Halloween candy?


  1. These look incredible. I also like the looks of the Halloween truffles on their website. Very tempting stuff.

    I'd say Kit Kat bars are my favorite, but they're probably tied with Peanut Butter Cups. And Almond Joy. And Mounds. And Butterfingers. It's a five-way tie, no big deal:)

  2. But I like my sticky, grainy, too-sweet reeses!!

  3. Normally I got for the non-chocolate Halloween candy (I know, the horror!) and I love candy corn. But I do have an occasional Reese's cup, which obviously is nothing compared to these pucks! I am looking them up online now...

  4. Wow, those look amazing! They are so fancy looking. haha. :) I love Halloween candy way to much. We have a giant bag full of candy right now. It's dangerous..... I seriously can't pick....Maybe like fun size Milky Ways....I like any chocolate to be honest.

  5. My fav is reese's so this is right up my alley!

  6. *swoon* Can I have a favourite Halloween candy if Australians don't really make a fuss of Halloween and there's no specifically Halloween candy?

  7. These look amazingly good; i wish they did more peanut butter chocolates in the uk :( theres barely any..i dont think i actually have a favourite halloween candy/chocolate, people dont seem to make a big thing of it over here unfortunately :(

  8. yup, I'll take those too... so much better than traditional halloween candy!

  9. My favorite halloween candy is probably reeses peanut butter cups.

    your blog makes me want go to the gourmet store and buy their entire selection of chocolate...then go to the few chocolate shops in town and do the same

  10. Mmm, peanut butter pucks look awesome. Imagine getting these while trick-or-treating?! Funny thing is, most kids would probably be all, "where's my Reeses?!" when in reality they're getting something better.