Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teuscher: Dark Champagne and Naga Truffles

I’m sad to report that I’m all out of Teuscher bars to write about. For now, of course, since I’ll always go and scope out what they have to offer when I’m near a shop, which will be soon.

But I’m happy to report that I got something else from Teuscher during a trip to Chicago earlier this year (not, of course, the recent “let’s sit in a dark room all day and talk about technical standards related to nuclear power plants” debacle).

Yes. Truffles. And my selection, obviously, included one of their signature truffles – the champagne truffle. This time, however, I went with the dark champagne truffle for variety.

The truffle has an earthy cocoa aroma, and the thin dark chocolate shell has a strong coffee flavor with red fruit undertones. The dusting of cocoa powder on the exterior gives a much more intense and earthy quality than the powdered sugar that Teuscher uses on the exterior of their traditional champagne truffles.

The interior is much sweeter, topped with a fluffy, creamy champagne cream. The champagne taste is noticeable but not overwhelming, and is extremely smooth with a very slow melt. The emphasis of this truffle is the chocolate rather than the champagne, and this may become my go-to champagne truffle in front of the traditional Teuscher champagne truffle.

Another dark chocolate truffle dusted in cocoa powder awaited evaluation: The nama truffle, a simple uncovered ganache with a distinct earthy aroma, likely due to the dusting of intense cocoa powder.

The interior ganache is thick and smooth, with a fairly slow melt and a texture that is best described as buttery. Notes of cherry compliment a dairy flavor that seems to feature a very subtle mint flavor. I could gobble these by the handful, but alas, DC still lacks a Teuscher storefront.

Do you like truffles dusted in cocoa powder?


  1. I'm definitely more a fan of a truffle with a chocolate coating than cocoa powder. They just seem a little more special to me and I love the texture contrast.

  2. I'm not much of a truffle person in general, but I like the earthiness of cocoa dusting. Can be too messy though!

  3. Teuscher champagne truffles are my absolutely favorite and I normally do not like truffles usted in cocoa powder.