Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teuscher: Orange and Apricot Marzipans

Let’s be fruity some more, shall we? As in, talking about more fruity chocolate from Teuscher’s extensive offerings. But, how about something a bit more, well, accessible to most of us than amarena cherries? Such as citrus fruits. How about some orange marzipan?

Yes. How about it?

This piece has a strong dairy aroma along with a very faint and nondescript citrus aroma. The dairy is evident in the flavor of the white chocolate couverture as well, which also gives some mild vanilla notes and a very smooth texture.

The marzipan has a creamy, subtle orange flavor, that resembles a fine-tuned creamsicle. The texture is neither soft nor tough, though it is a bit softer than the white chocolate which results in a bit of couverture flaking with each bite. The piece is nice and balanced, and not too sweet, but isn’t one of my favorite pieces in Teuscher’s offerings.

Hm. Anybody up for more fruit? Or more marzipan? How about more fruit AND more marzipan?

Lucky you: here’s the apricot marzipan.

The aroma of this piece is also creamy, and also has a faint, nondescript fruity aroma.

Despite the faint aroma, the apricot flavor pate atop the marzipan, once you bite into it, is distinct and tangy, particularly near the end of the melt when a tiny bit of an alcohol flavor kicks in. The milk chocolate couverture is smooth and creamy, with a notable caramel flavor. And more importantly, the texture of the chocolate is well-matched to the soft marzipan and apricot pate, which makes it easy to slowly enjoy small bites of this well-structured chocolate that I will need more of in the near future.

Do you like orange or apricot better?


  1. orange. I have never had apricot but I think I would still choose orange Only dark chocolate+cherry has any hope of catching up to my love for orange and chocolate

  2. "marzipan" has stopped sounding like a real word. marzipan marzipan marzipan marzipan marzipan. i prefer orange.

  3. Ooh these look nice...hmm it depends what mood im in...i think apricot..but quite a tough choice!

  4. There's not even a question. Damn devil orange fruit.

  5. Apricot because it seems more unique; but, I'd never turn down the devil orange fruit:)