Monday, October 10, 2011

Teuscher: Mandarin Chocolate

All of the other Teuscher bars I reviewed this go-around – even the coffee-enhanced bar from yesterday – were of the dark variety. Any milk-based bars on the horizon?

Well, sort of. This Mandarin Chocolate bar has a milk chocolate exterior, but a dark chocolate interior.

The bar features a strong aroma of both orange and tangerine, and a clementine-like flavor emerges almost immediately.

There are also some faint caramel and nutty notes from the chocolate, but they are hard to tease out. While the citrus flavor isn’t overwhelming, it comes to the forefront and the chocolate falls to the background. Though the texture of the chocolate is smooth, and both the interior dark chocolate and exterior dark chocolate feature a slow melt, a chocolate bar ought to taste like chocolate – not citrus and cocoa butter.

I’d still eat it again. I like cocoa butter and citrus.

Orange and chocolate: Good or Bad? (Hollie says good. Hannah says bad. The rest of you need to leave a message after the tone.)


  1. Oh i like the colour of this chocolate it looks really creamy; i love chocolate and orange together mmm!

  2. If I leave 5 comments that say good...does that mean it wins?

  3. Ohh why didn't I see this one when I was at Teuscher?? Whhhhy? It sounds GREAT.

  4. Love orange and chocolate, and mandarin and chocolate sounds better!

    I've recently been eating 100% choc... it tastes like alcohol... I never expected that :S