Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Recchiuti: Dark Chocolate Caramel

It’s probably obvious from the previous 458 posts on this blog (go ahead, count them) that I like chocolate. So, a dark chocolate caramel covered in dark chocolate would be just an awesome thing, wouldn’t it?

Recchiuti’s genius strikes again, with the last of the caramels in his C3 salted caramel collection: a bona fide dark chocolate caramel.

It’s obviously covered in dark chocolate, which is a bit bitter and earthy with a buttery melt.

The interior, which is a bit salty, as any salted caramel should be, has a deep nutty-chocolate flavor and a distinct presence of cream. It’s similar to hot chocolate. In the form of a slightly chewy caramel. Which is covered in dark chocolate.

Yeah. It’s that good. Recchiuti wins again.

Have you had chocolate-flavored caramels?


  1. Anything with caramel steals my heart... my dad would LOVE these.. dark chocolate and caramel are his favorite :)