Friday, October 7, 2011

Teuscher: 77% Cacao Bar

I’ve finally worked through my backlog of Vosges reviews after all that Vosges talk in the last week or so. A relief, right?

No. The work of a chocolate blogger is never complete. I must move along to the list of Teuscher creations to review. While I concluded the Vosges series with a relatively disappointing dark chocolate bar, my experience with Teuscher has been that they work fairly well with plain chocolates. With that high expectation in mind, I checked out their 77% cacao dark chocolate bar.

A fruity aroma, with distinct banana notes present, is accented by some coffee and vanilla.

A smooth, buttery melt makes it possible to enjoy every individual flavor as it builds: a coffee flavor, followed by some nuttiness and a bit of cranberry at the end. A tiny bit of sugar cuts through the bitterness of the bar, and the overall effect is a pleasing dark chocolate bar.

Dark chocolate: who makes the best stuff?


  1. Make sure you treat yourself with this after your race tomorrow! good luck!

  2. Good question. I don't know. Sounds like a loaded question though, and I try to steer clear of politics:)

    But I'm currently *most excited* to try this year's Rogue bars, now that Gasko has his new conche up and running.

  3. Been meaning to go to the Teuscher store in NYC, but no running = no central park :(

    Perhaps I need to make an exception? I shall call it a "chocolate run" although I won't be "running"

  4. Good luck with the race!!!
    I feel like I am one of the few people who don't like dark chocolate... :(

  5. Coffee and nuttiness, two of my favourite flavours in dark chocolate :)