Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teuscher: 88% Cacao Bar

Teuscher’s dark chocolate line includes several bars with fairly high cacao content, and while I declined to sample the 99% cacao bar, I did pick up an 88% cacao bar to evaluate.

The aroma hinted at something intense, with earthy and woody aromas and a hint of smokiness.

The taste was exceptionally earthy and bitter, though some nutty flavors emerged near the middle to temper that intensity. The flavor sticks for a while given the slow melt of the bar, which is dry at first but turns buttery later. Though the bar is flavorful with only minor texture imperfections, it’s too intense for my lame tastebuds.

I had to give the rest away to somebody who loves super-intense dark chocolate.

At least it found a good home.

Have you ever given away chocolate that was too intense for you?


  1. Wow, I didn't think any chocolate was too intense for you. Crazy craze.

    No, but that 90% Hotel Chocolat bar lays unfinished in my drawer. Why give it away when I could let it sit there, growing old?:P

  2. That sounds amazing to me! Oh how I love the super dark!

  3. I just had the last tiny piece of this yesterday!! There really isn't a such thing as too-intense dark chocolate. Thanks!!