Friday, October 14, 2011

Teuscher: Napoleon Praline and Mocha Gianduja

There are some things that make me very sad. War. Poverty. Empty boxes of chocolate.

Yeah. That’s what we’ve got here now. After working through the cocoa powder-dusted truffles, fruity confections, and delicious marzipan from Teuscher, I have two truffles remaining. But one is a praline! And those can be divine. Presenting, the Napoleon Praline.

A balanced mixture of coffee and caramel aromas are present, and the milk chocolate couverture is soft and creamy.

The center has distinct nutty and coffee flavors, with the coffee flavor emerging near the end and contrasting nicely with the sweet milk chocolate couverture. There is also a crunchy character to the texture to further contrast with the soft milk chocolate couverture. The entire piece is a perfect blend of flavor and texture.

Get a piece. Or 80. Now. And then visit me.

But wait! Don’t go yet. I have one more piece to share – the mocha gianduja.

This piece also showcases a creamy milk chocolate couverture, with nutty and caramel aromas.

The interior, unsurprisingly, has a strong coffee flavor, while offering nice blend of sugar, nuts, and chocolate. The coffee is a bit artificial and overpowering at the end of the melt, and while the texture of the couverture and interior blend well, the coffee is too strong for my tastes.

It’s OK. More room for Napoleon pralines in my next box.

Have you had coffee-enhanced chocolate that tastes artificial?


  1. That praline sounds super yummo... but I'd probably go for 80 pieces of fruit marzipan instead -> it would last much longer on my shelf!

  2. Wait, when you said something about sharing chocolate, I thought you were gonnna share your chocolate...

  3. Artificial coffee flavour? LAME.