Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vosges: Goji Bar

Alright. That mushroom bar by Vosges that I wrote about yesterday may have been a little out there in the flavor department, at least conceptually, if not very heavy on the mushroom flavor. But it’s what they’re known for – pushing the boundaries of sensible flavor combinations involving chocolate. Today’s bar, however, is a bit more normal: the Goji bar is a deep milk chocolate bar that hosts Tibetan Goji berries and pink Himalayan salt.

The bar has a creamy aroma with subtle fruity notes, and the base chocolate has a smooth melt with strong caramel and light cream notes.

The salt and goji berries are both well-distributed throughout the bar, resulting in a uniform tasting experience that more chocolatiers should strive to replicate.

The Goji berries are a bit tart, but are generally not noticeable aside from the slight added crunch.

Now the salt, that hits pretty soon in the melt of the bar, and is present in every bite. While this was a very enjoyable milk chocolate bar with a bit of salt for interest, a bar advertised as a Goji berry bar should, well, feature the flavor of Goji berries.

Have you had Goji berries? With or without chocolate?


  1. A uniform bar from Vosges! That's an accomplishment... although we should perhaps compare across whole cases of bars to see if they can maintain their consistency.

    It's a tough job, but I think we're up for the challenge:)

  2. Wow-I may need to go back and read about chocolate and mushrooms. Interesting.

    I have never had Goji berries but I know someone obsessed with them that I may need to change my mind.

  3. I haven't ever heard of Goji berries...but *wow*. Reading your description of that bar literally made my mouth water; that combination of flavors sounds absolutely delicious. I really need to seek out some Voges and do a little taste testing (with you as an online guide, of course).

  4. It's been a while since I've had this once, but I remember thinking the Barcelona bar was more up my alley. I'm actually thinking this may be one of the only ones of Vosges' line-up that hasn't come my way from friends overseas this year!

  5. I wasn't a big fan of this bar. My salt distribution seemed off. I've got to try more Vosges bars though! Been seriously neglecting them.

  6. I love goji berries. Must try them with chocolate now.

  7. This bar = pure health food...right? I've had goji berries and think they taste like tea!