Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Madre Chocolate: Dominican Dark Chocolate

Were you hoping, after my boasting yesterday that my surroundings in Hawaii were perfect, that a storm would sweep through? No, no luck there. I’m still enjoying Oahu, and will still be able to get my hands on more delicious Hawaiian Chocolate. I have several chocolate-based visits lined up for later in my trip, which I got more and more excited about as I worked my way through Madre Chocolate’s samples. I was able to sample another pure dark chocolate bar, this time, one with beans from the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Dark Chocolate bar, which is 70% cocoa, is made solely from fair-trade beans. These are the kind of things that bean-to-bar chocolate makers can tell you. And this is one of the reasons I like bean-to-bar chocolate. I also enjoy the artisan approaches to roasting and conching, which can produce wonderful, complex flavors and aromas. In this case, the aroma is cherry-based, with a bit of smoke as well. The clean snap also indicates well-treated beans.

As with the Hawaiian Dark Chocolate bar, the chocolate is not at all bitter while offering a variety of pleasing flavors. There is a subtle woody flavor and a soft cherry note throughout, as well as a hint of citrus – specifically lemon. These flavors are complimented by a perfectly smooth, creamy melt, and just a hint of sugar to enhance the flavor and texture. The one drawback of this bar is that the wonderful flavor dissipates a bit quickly; I would prefer that it linger a bit longer so that I could enjoy it more.

Do you prefer chocolate with a long-lasting flavor, or do you eat it quickly enough that you’d never notice?


  1. Ah, more Hawaiian delights! I love the looks of these bars, and of their packaging as well. This one sounds delightful, although I do like bitterness too....

    Long-lasting flavor intrigues me.

  2. I have been reading the last few posts about the Hawaiian chocolate, I am enjoying these reviews! The packaging is pretty haha
    I prefer a chocolate with a longer-lasting flavor, then you can savor the taste so much better

  3. This sounds wonderful to me! hope the eye business is healing well too *hugs*

  4. I try to slow down on chocolate...but it's a struggle for me. A long lasting taste sounds like a good deal.

  5. Yum! I always argue with my husband about this. I always eat mine really slowly, but the husband will shove a half a giant-sized bar in his mouth at once:). Hehe.

  6. I hope sometime we get to see some beautiful snaps of you and Hawaii along with the tasty chocolate - I am teh jealous.

    This chocolate sounds delicious...I need to take a look at more bean-to-bar chocolates.