Monday, July 25, 2011

Christopher Elbow No16: Dark Chocolate and Coconut

Even with chocolate tasting events back here in DC, I’m still not totally cool with the fact that I’m not in Hawaii with access to amazing pineapple and kelp.

Shut up. Kelp is amazing.

I also miss the coconut in anything and everything. Fortunately, I have access to Christopher Elbow’s Bar No. 16: a bar of 63% dark chocolate with toasted coconut.

The cocoanut is nicely toasted, such that the flavor emerges well, and is quite crispy and well distributed. A soggy, disgusting Mounds Bar would run away from this beauty in embarrassment.

The bar itself has an smoky aroma with a hint of red fruit, and is soft with a smooth, slow melt.

In addition to the immediate coconut flavor, some nutty flavors and a faint coffee flavor emerge. The balance between the coconut and chocolate flavors is outstanding, and the contrast of the crunchy coconut and smooth chocolate is also pleasing. It’s a wonderful bar to snack on, but not terribly complex. If you like coconut – good, unsweetened coconut – you’ll like this bar.

Especially if you are pining for Hawaiian cuisine.

Do you like chocolate and coconut together?


  1. Nutty, coffee, coconutty. This could easily worm its way into my starting-to-like-coconut heart.

    Kelp chocolate all the way! ;)

  2. I enjoy kelp snacks. And coconutty chocolate, as well. I enjoyed Fearless' Exploding Coconuts!

  3. Yes! But I prefer a more subtle coconut.