Thursday, July 7, 2011

Montezuma: Orange Ecuadorian Chocolate

After I checked out that enjoyable salted dark chocolate bar from Montezuma, I looked at other pieces that Natalie had sent me from thousands of miles away. More Montezuma bars begged for evaluation. But which one to move along to first?

I spied one that would make Hollie salivate and make Hannah cry. Divisive chocolate is somehow appealing to me. Maybe I like conflict. Maybe I just liked the orange and black wrapper on this Ecuador dark chocolate with juicy orange.

Once I removed that eye-catching wrapper, I was greeted with a citrus aroma.

Coffee is the first flavor that emerges from the chocolate, with orange quickly following and then fading away such that there is only a hint of the citrus – perhaps subtle enough that even Hannah would enjoy it. The flavor is intense and long-lasting, which is at least partially because of the slow, buttery melt that is perfectly smooth and not at all grainy.

While the bar is nice, for a bar advertised as bar enhanced with juicy orange, it is a little light on the citrus flavor, and the orange is generally subtle enough that it seems like just another flavor note in a complex chocolate.

How orange should orange chocolate be? And is it more important to make Hollie or Hannah happy?


  1. Hannah! I vote Hannah! :D

    Oh, my chocolate-northern-hemisphere-sister, I do so appreciate your tentative suggestion that the orange may be subtle enough for me to enjoy it. However, seeing as I can sniff out and be made queasy by orange in chocolate that other people would swear they can't taste, I think I'd have to bow out.

    And reiterate that I vote Hannah.

  2. As your writing pertains to your taste buds, I think it's more important to make you happy! Or at least interested in what you're chomping down on.

    Juicy orange intrigued me quite a lot, so how disappointing that the flavor quickly faded. I had images of OJ oozing out of chocolate, as caramel is often wont to do.

  3. I've eaten chocolate orange before (like the chocolate shaped like an orange and then you eat wedges?) It's delicious!

  4. It's more important for me! YESSS. bahaha. That seriously sounds so good. I was really salivating when reading this. I'm sitting in a car in NYC traffic right now. This is a very hard situation right now umm.

  5. Happy 461st anniversary of the European discovery of chocolate...

  6. Sounds like a wonderful combination! You are from WA DC? I'm from WA State.