Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Best Race Ever: Cholo's Waimea Bay Swim, With Chocolate

I bet after those seven reviews of Madre’s delicious bars made in Hawaii, you got sick of reading about how much fun I was having over on Oahu.

I bet you would hate to see what the view from my hotel room balcony is like.

Too bad.

And I bet you don’t want to read about my trip anymore. Again, too bad. I still have one more day here, so let’s talk about the best race ever. Now, I originally thought that the Hot Chocolate 15k slated for December 3 was made for me. Then I found Cholo’s Waimea Bay Swim – a 1.2 mile ocean swim off the north shore of Oahu that happened to be taking place during my trip here. Incredible Marsea joined me and served as my clutch pit crew.

This involved taking pictures of my badass race number.

Now, while the 36 minutes that I spent in the Pacific just off the shore of Oahu were great, that’s not why this race was made for me.

It’s because this Waialua Estate chocolate was handed out at the end.

It tastes a lot better than salt water. A more detailed review is forthcoming from the mainland tomorrow, where I will have nothing but Hawaiian chocolate left to bring my mind back to the wonderful land of Oahu.

What's the best thing you've ever been handed at the end of a race?


  1. That really is the perfect race for you! Love it!

  2. That's the chocolate! That's the chocolate I've tried!

    Do you know what is equally worthy of exclamation marks? Your awesome swimmers! And your awesomeness in general!


  3. Wow! I can't even swim, really, and I definitely can't float. So 1.2 ocean miles would be the end of me. I'm sure that as I sank under, I would at least be appreciative of the (tragically) beautiful scenery nearby.

    Does Dole own that chocolate company?

    At the end of a half marathon where I was really looking forward to some promised "chocolate," we were told that we could take two Lindt truffles max. Wow. That's it???? I'd rather have none. They did have some great soup though!

  4. Ha, the view from your hotel room didn't show up. I'm pretending that it just shows a dirty brick wall. It makes me happy :)

    My first marathon had protein jamba juice smoothies at the end. I think I had 4. Yummmmm

  5. wow! what a race! haha chocolate at the end!? Now that's what I call afinish!

  6. Wow that looks like so much fun. I want to do that race next year. Allow me to tag along in your suitcase.

  7. hahah, hilarious. i once spent an entire race drinking screwdrivers from a fuel belt bottle. not sure what was at the end of that one but i was real happy.

  8. Chocolate, too! I ran two races like this - One in the Bay Area with champagne and chocolate and the other outside Seattle called the mud and chocolate trail half marathon! (which I am running again in a month, eeps). Such good motivation!

  9. Hah! That's awesome, having chocolate given out at the end of the race; very cool! And yes...I remain jealous of your trip to Hawaii, as well as the gorgeous view of your hotel room. *sigh*

    Also yes...you look VERY badass! I hope your team could see you in the water (you being a camouflage suit, and all).

  10. I wish I was in Hawaii doing ocean swims and eating chocolate. Last year ran a horrible "moonlight" half marathon really slowly that promised Jamba Juice at the end. They had packed up and left by the time I finished. :(

  11. Seriously racing and chocolate, there is no better combo. I am so, so jealous.

    Glad you had such a blast in Hawaii!

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