Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vosges Truffles: Naga

Now even though I only showed a box of four Vosges truffles in yesterday’s post, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get more truffles. Hardly. In fact, I got the Exotic Collection the last time I visited a full shop in Chicago.

This box included one Viola truffle, which I reviewed yesterday, but three other new truffles, including the Naga, which was similar to one of my favorite Vosges bars with the same name.

A sweet curry aroma comes across immediately, as do faint notes of caramel and cream.

The interior is rich and buttery, with notes of coconut which may or may not be from some added coconut butter. The density of the ganache center matches nicely to the soft couverture, which features nutty and dairy flavors alongside the dusting of curry powder. The curry is sweet and spicy, adding complexity to the chocolate, though it dissipates fairly quickly. The overall blend of flavors is pleasing, particularly for those of you who also enjoy the Naga bar.

Do you like it when chocolatiers make bars and truffles with the same flavors?


  1. Mmmm NagaNagaNaga.

    I think some chocolatiers that make more of the chocolate bark style of bars can have more success with truffles. It makes for a good comparison, at any rate, although I'll admit I'm much less likely to purchase truffles. Truffle$, if you will:)

  2. Just ran across your blog from Keeping up with Katie, loved you commit. You MUST have a high metabolism eating this stuff! haha....couldn't resist being a smart a*s!! :) And if that thing tastes like caramel, I'm all over it!

  3. Want!! I think you should replicate these truffles someday. :)

  4. Oh nice, i wasnt a huge fan of the Naga bar but the truffle looks nice. I love it when they make truffles/bars in the flavours that i like..then i can just alternate between the 2!