Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cocova: September Sample Day

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Biagio, a DC chocolate institution, is undergoing a name change, and is officially now Cocova. To celebrate this monumental change, the new Cocova hosted a chocolate tasting yesterday.

I’m happy to report that the customer service at the shop is still outstanding. Since I attended this tasting with Valerie, who is diligent about maintaining a dairy- and gluten-free diet to keep herself in top-notch health, we needed to do some research about which chocolates she would be able to enjoy at the tasting. The staff very kindly provided a list and advance, and we went in prepared with a list of great chocolates that we could both enjoy and discuss.

Luckily, the Amedei Grenada 70% cacao bar was on the go-ahead list, since we both fully enjoyed the smooth, creamy texture alongside a fruity and woody flavor.

Also on the go-for-it list? The Domori Porcelana, another creamy-textured chocolate with a nutty flavor.

It was a truly wonderful tasting experience, since Valerie and I could confidently sample chocolates that would be healthy for both of us (what? Chocolate is a health food. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) thanks to the helpful staff at what is now Cocova.

Has a shop ever helped you out with enjoying a meal or other culinary experience despite dietary restrictions?


  1. While traveling with a couple friends with celiac several months ago, we found a few places that had special GF menus, which was really helpful. I need to find a place here with chocolate tastings!

  2. Yes. Being prediabetic, I try and get a lot of foods with less sugar and they are normally really good about it which makes me so happy.

    that is so great that easily helped and accommodated you guys.

  3. Oooh, now I want to compare that Porcelana with Amadei's version!