Monday, September 26, 2011

NewTree: Belgian Biscuit

As much as I whined last week about not having any time in Chicago to visit some of my favorite chocolate shops, life isn’t so bad. There’s plenty of good chocolate around. Chocolate coming from all corners of the planet (an odd expression, given that Earth is round). Including from Belgium, which is home to NewTree, the folks who made this Belgian Biscuit bar.

The base chocolate for this bar is a 65% cacao dark chocolate bar; flax seeds and bits of cookie added a bit of interest and 6 grams of fiber to each 40 gram serving. This very healthy chocolate bar has a strong nutty aroma with a hint of caramel – it reminded me of the brown sugar-peanut butter mixture prepared as part of making peanut butter cookies. In other words, I had high expectations for this bar.

The taste began with a hint of fennel and a bit of almond, with some vanilla emerging later. I also sensed hints of cinnamon and, of all things, edamame. While the chocolate is smooth, the bits of cookie and flax seeds add some crunch, and remained pleasingly crisp. The overall taste with the flax, cookie, and chocolate is reminiscent of spiced vanilla soymilk – it’s very different, but also delicious.

Have you had flax with chocolate before?


  1. I love flax and, of course, chocolate, but have not had them together. The edamame is also interesting! I think I saw some of their stuff at this chocolate shop in upstate NY this summer.

  2. I loved this one! Particularly because I ate it in Bruges, and that makes me happy. I actually have another block that a friend sent me from the US. I've been hoarding it :)

    I also really love NewTree's Flax and Thyme one.

  3. Chocolate with flax? How interesting! I imagine that this bar has the texture of something like a Crunch bar (if you'll excuse me comparing something of this quality to your run-of-the-mill kiddie chocolate). Crazy that it actually had hints of edamame in it!

  4. Wow, basically every word you used to describe this bar made me go YUM! Cookie? PB + brown sugar mix? Dark chocolate with a slight crunch. Drooling.

  5. They have another chocolate bar with flax that I love. Makes me feel like the chocolate is super healthy and it has a great crunch.