Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vosges: Viola and Siam Truffles

Sweeping past the Vosges O’Hare store last week reminded me of several Vosges pieces I’d enjoyed in earlier times. Earlier times when I got to go to their full boutique on Michigan Avenue, which allowed me to pick up this cute little truffle collection.

The box featured white and milk chocolate pieces. Variety. Nice.

The milk chocolate piece was the Viola, decorated with a tiny violet petal.

The truffle has a lavender aroma with notes of vanilla; the couverture is quite smooth with a dairy flavor and a hint of nuttiness.

The interior truffle boasts a strong caramel flavor that is enhanced by a subtle edge of lavender. The flavor is beautiful, but the texture is a bit buttery instead of creamy and does not stand up well to the couverture. This makes it difficult to enjoy the piece in small bites, which may or may not be a ploy to get me to consume these more quickly and buy them more often.

Or, I could check out the white chocolate truffle in this box, which was the Siam, a piece featuring lemongrass, green tea, and coconut.

The lemongrass was most apparent in the aroma, with generic citrus and spicy notes present as well.

The buttery interior features bits of coconut, and a creamy flavor and butter texture are immediately apparent, with the lemongrass building more slowly. In this truffle, the densities of the couverture and interior match nicely so that one can enjoy this sweet but complexly flavored truffle slowly.

Have you had a truffle with lemongrass in it?


  1. I like anything with "a hint of nuttiness."

  2. This sounds superb, I would love to try the Siam. Really, though, I would love to try any of Vosges' truffles, as they are beautiful and come in that cute box:)

  3. Ummm, I feel obligated to pick up a box of these because there is VIOLA in it. (Not the same kind, thank goodness..." that varnish I detect?"

  4. I've never tried lemongrass in a truffle before but I do enjoy a subtle lavender flavor in my chocolate.

  5. These look beautiful.