Friday, September 30, 2011

Vosges Truffles: Black Pearl and Budapest

If you’re really observant (you are, aren’t you?), you likely noticed that there were two truffles left out of the discussion of the Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection yesterday. Lucky for you, we’re talking about the remaining Vosges exotic pieces today. First up, something really exotic: the black pearl, complete with sesame seeds and WASABI.


Oddly, with all that wasabi and sesame, the piece smells like caramel. Though not adding aroma, the sesame seeds do add a decorative interest and a bit of crunch, though very little flavor.

The interior features a butter texture and a uniform taste of wasabi throughout the melt, such that the flavor is spicy but not overwhelming. This allows the earthy flavor of the couverture, which also has some hints of banana, to shine through alongside the wasabi. This is obviously a very different truffle, but it’s also a very good truffle.

One more truffle remained in the box: a paprika-dusted Budapest truffle.

Given that dusting, it’s not surprising that the aroma was spicy, and perhaps also featured a hint of vanilla.

Despite the intense spicy aroma, the paprika was not very strong and dissipated almost immediately, leaving the nutty and fig flavors of the couverture behind to carry the flavor. The interior has a generic caramel flavor, and while the truffle was nice, it resembled a plain truffle more than a creative Vosges piece worth of the title “exotic.”

Have you ever had a flavored truffle that wound up tasting plain?


  1. Oooh truffle with wasabi! I'd like to try that. I'm sure I've had some plain-tasting truffles but I can't remember off the top of my head.

  2. Hmm. Bummer it turned out plain:(

    I'd love to try the Black Pearl in truffle form!

  3. I'm enjoying watching you eat these as Vosges is one of my favorite chocolate places. Long before I moved to Chicago I would bring a box home whenever I was here on business. How sad though to hear the inside came out so plain! Their Italian inspired collection is my favorite.

  4. Wahh truffle letdowns are unacceptable! Truffles are by far my favorite form of chocolate. True life.

  5. Hmm, interesting, as the Black Pearl is one of the Vosges bars that I've always found doesn't have any of the flavours it purports to. I do have one more bar in my stash, so I'm hoping it actually tastes like wasabi or sesame for once!

  6. Yes, those Lindt truffles that I hate! Okay, hate is a strong word... I think I'd definitely prefer the Vosges truffles, exotic or not.