Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hotel Chocolat: 65% Cacao Rabot Estate

My package from Natalie, packed to the gills with Hotel Chocolat goodies, was pretty extensive, but I’ve finally worked my way through it and have one more piece to review. This Hotel Chocolat 65% cacao bar, made with cacao from the Rabot Estate in Saint Lucia.

Now, while the bar didn’t arrive in great condition, I attribute that to trans-Atlantic shipping rather than Hotel Chocolat. These things happen. Fortunately, despite the abuse the packaging took in its travels, the aroma of the bar wasn’t compromised, and featured red fruits and a subtle woody note.

The bar is a bit dry, though it offers a slow melt to allow for full appreciation of the flavor notes. An earthy flavor comes forward immediately, with red fruits emerging later. Just a pinch of sugar is added to subdue the flavor intensity, and the bar is neither bitter nor sweet. It is a fairly balanced bar, but I had difficulty getting past the dry texture to fully appreciate the flavor.

Have you ever had chocolate with a pleasing flavor but less-than-excellent texture?


  1. I feel like I have had that feeling in some of my pancakes. I think I will like it and then the texture is not as great as anticipated. Wahhh.

  2. A dry texture can inhibit chocolate pleasure significantly, I find. But ultimately, I'd prefer that to silkiness but no flavour!

  3. Yeah, at least the flavor was alright. I can't say texture bothers me much... unless it's reeeeally dry:(