Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pimp My Easter Basket: The Grand Round Up

Holidays can sneak up on you, can’t they? Including Easter, which is tomorrow. No doubt you’ve seen many Easter-themed recipes popping up, including my Roadkill Easter Bunny Bar Cookies.

But why did I do those? Aside from the perverse enjoyment? Oh yeah. For the PIMP MY EASTER BASKET CHALLENGE.

I wasn’t alone in this challenge. A bunch of folks took delight in taking their favorite Easter treats and making them over-the top. Such as my fellow Washingtonian, Rebecca, who incorporated the challenge into her whoopie pie adventures with: Peeps Whoopie Pies

The ever-creative Lauren, who tells me that she bought four pounds of butter on Friday: Ooey Gooey Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Crunch

My guess is that Katrina has seen Bake it in a Cake based on her first submission: Easter Egg Hunt Cookies

And we know that Katrina is a rockstar because she turned in two challenges: Cereal Treat Easter Eggs

Another rockstar from this challenge? Abeer with cookies designed to go on top of cupcakes: Easter Chick Cookie Toppers

And did I hear more cookies? Decorated cookies? Yes, from Kita: Chickadee Icebox Cookies

Taking decorating and artistry up a notch was Lora, who made something psychedelic looking: Tie-Dyed Bunny and Butterfly Marshmallows

And from Alice (who doesn’t have a blog but took this idea and ran with it): Easter Basket Cake.

(1)I make a white cake with white frosting. Love the white chocolate cake in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

(2)Fashion "Easter Grass" from flaked coconut and food coloring of your choice for the top of the cake.

(3)Put candies in your Easter grass. Eat the extras.

(4)For bonus Easter basket appeal fashion a basket handle and bow with whatever you have lying around as shown here.

Now, from one of my humble co-hosts, Mary: Surprise Easter Brownies

My other humble co-host made ice cream. Check out what Jessica did to make it Easter Basket Pimptastic: Malted milk Ice Cream with Robin Eggs

And because she is an overachiever, Jessica also made: Deviled Cadbury Eggs

Wow. So much fun, and I’m impressed with how talented, artistic, and creative all these folks are.

If you were going to replicate one of these feats, which would it be?


  1. So many great fun ideas! I still think your roadkill bars are hyterical!

  2. What a great idea...these look simply delicious!

  3. Wow!! Everything looks yummy!!! :D

  4. These are so creative. I love the over-the-top sugar overload, right up my alley!!!

  5. Such a fun idea! Those cereal eggs have me drooling a little bit!

  6. Fabulous ideas and a really fun challenge. Thanks for hosting.

  7. These are awesome!! I wish I had more time to get creative and do this!