Sunday, April 10, 2011

Babaevsky: Russian Chocolate, Now with Raisins

Though I wasn’t blown away by the Russian-made Babaevsky dark chocolate bar I’d received from one of my swimmers, the flavor was reasonable and I felt it would be fair to give another bar a try. Fortunately, my gift included yet another such bar: the Babaevsky with Raisins.

The bar has a very subtle vanilla aroma, and the wrapper doesn’t note whether the base chocolate is milk or dark. Time to dive in to find out more.

Since the chocolate is soft and sweet, with minimal flavor complexity, my guess is that the base chocolate is of the milk variety. As the flavor of the chocolate is not very complex, the taste of the bar is dominated by the raisins, which are nicely chopped such that they are large enough to be noticed, but small enough to be evenly distributed in every bite.

There’s a tiny bit of a crunch from the raisins, and they are neither hard nor soggy. They’re certainly the highlight of this bar, and I enjoyed the overall effect even though the chocolate was more background than a feature.

Do you like raisins with chocolate?


  1. I love chocolate bars with raisins.

    At the same time I cannot stand raisins in chocolate (these shiny things). I always found them too sugary.

  2. Although not a huge fan of raisins in general, one of my earliest chocolate memories is raisin-based. My family would go cross-country skiing in the winter when I was young, and we would always have along a fruit and nut bar (maybe Cadbury's Fruit and Nut Bar?). I thought it was amazing. Aside from this though, I'd probably steer clear of raisins in chocolate.


    Re Ana:
    I have to disagree on the chocolate-covered raisins. They're what make terrible films at the movie theater just a little bit better!

  3. I have never had raisins in chocolate. Maybe I'll make a raisin chocolate waffle and let ya know how it goes. :)

  4. Not really. Kinda don't like raisins in general, so marring my chocolate with them equals sadface!

  5. Hmm never had raisins in a chocolate bar, just chocolate covered raisins. I'm not a huge raisin lover, but I'm not opposed to trying a new variety of chocolate:-)

  6. I have had choc with sultanas before and love it so I am sure that I would love choc with raisins too!!

  7. I don't love raisins in chocolate, but I support all chocolate from my homeland :)

  8. I've had Chunky bars and thought they were pretty good. My favorites of the Polish chocolates were the chocolate covered plums...giant raisins-ish?