Thursday, April 7, 2011

In tem pe ran tia: Fin

Having been fairly impressed with two types of chocolates by In tem pe ran tia that aren’t generally to my liking, I was becoming convinced that these folks really do use top-notch ingredients, as they advertise. I moved on to two final creations from the box, each of which looked particularly appealing to me personally; first, I tasted the chocolate-covered almond, which featured a faint vanilla aroma.

The surrounding dark chocolate is intensely flavored, with caramel notes evident, but is soft with a somewhat buttery texture that offers a nice contrast to the crisp, tasty almond inside. The cocoa powder is a tad bitter and possibly unnecessary, though I didn’t find that it detracted from the overall effect. I could use a jar of these. It’d be a nice thing to pack for cross-country flights, and having several handfuls of these would make me calmer during inevitable delays.

I moved along to a 73% cocoa dark chocolate pavers – a treat that falls right into my 70-80% golden range for dark chocolate that I’m bound to enjoy as long as the component ingredients are of sufficient quality.

The aroma is a bit nutty, and the cocoa powder dusted over this chocolate is intense, with woody and coffee undertones.

The chocolate itself resembles a dense, firm ganache, and melts nicely with just a tiny bit of grit. The flavor of the chocolate is also intense, with a strong coffee flavor and hints of red fruits. As I suspected, the ingredients here are quite good, and the cocoa percentage made this treat a great way for me to end this box.

When you enjoy a chocolate box, do you like to save any of your favorites for the end?


  1. Yes, I always do that. I want to feel happy when I finish it. :)

  2. I am NOT a very patient person, so I normally try to find my favorite one first - milk or dark chocolate with caramel in the middle - salted caramel if I'm feeling fancy. =)

  3. Those sounds amazing! And I always save the best/my favourites for last :)

  4. Both of those sound awesome! I'd definitely love some of those dark chocolate almonds!!! :D

  5. The softness of all these In tem pe ran tia chocolates makes them seem so very luscious. Considering the paver resembles dense, firm ganache, that's pretty impressive.

    I always save all of my favorites for last, if I can keep myself away long enough. While this applies with chocolate, it most often applies when I eat dishes with mushrooms:)

  6. I always save the dark chocolate and orange chocolate for last. My favorite ones get the last ones because I want to savour them the most.

  7. Man, I could do some damage to a container of chocolate covered almonds. And yeah, I tend to try to save the best for last. Usually this involves caramel.