Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hot Blondies Bakery: Butterscotch Blondie and S'mores Brunette

Even though I’m a brownie lover, I did used to be blonde myself, so I have a true soft spot in my heart for blondies. This is why I’ve been happy to review the bondies as well as the brunettes from the box that Hot Blondies Bakery sent me. As a white chocolate lover, I was especially happy to check out the butterscotch white chocolate chip blondie.

Though I was most looking forward to checking out the white chocolate in this blondie, it was the butterscotch taste that dominated the bar, and not just with the chips – it was evident in every crumb of this bar. I rarely eat butterscotch treats, but do enjoy the flavor, so this was a pleasant surprise. Like the flavor, the texture is also uniform, and is soft yet dense throughout. The one minor drawback in this blondie was actually the part I was most looking forward to – the white chocolate chips, which were a big large for my tastes, resulting in some bites with no white chocolate and others dominated by the white chocolate. As the white chocolate is soft and high quality, I’d love to be able to experience some with each dense, butterscotch-flavored bite, even with this minor flaw, the bar is a wonderful, flavorful treat.

Though I’d managed to sample five bars from this box before zeroing in on the bar that intrigued me the most, I simply couldn’t put off digging into the marshmallow-topped s’mores brunette any longer.

Can you blame me? If that isn’t enough for you, check out the addition of a graham cracker crust at the bottom of this brunette.

Sometimes, when a treat is so visually and descriptively appealing, I build it up in my mind and get let down once I try it.

Not this time. Not even close. It was better than I could have ever, ever imagined. The brownie component on its own is simply divine: dense and fudgy, with an intense bittersweet chocolate flavors. While most brownies have a noticeable chocolate flavor, this one is explosive and long-lasting, nearly as intense as eating straight bittersweet chocolate. This contrasts nicely with the sweet marshmallow topping and graham cracker bottom, resulting in what very well may be the most perfect brownie within a thousand miles of me.

If you know where a better one is, send one. Please. Or just send me a dozen of the s’mores brunettes. Either works.

What’s the best brownie you’ve ever had?


  1. I make a mean rich, fudgy, and chunky brownie myself, if I'm allowed to say so ;) I make it with the favourite/chosen ingredients of whomever I'm making it for! That said, I'd love to try the s'mores brownie, as I've never even had a real s'more!

  2. I love chocolate brownies ... so delicious. But every once in a while blondies hit the spot and taste like the best thing ever at the time!

  3. I loooove brownies!!!! I need to try this smores brownie out! It looks fabulous! :D

  4. The best brownie I have ever had is from my campus bakery (shockingly) they are always a little bit burnt on the edge and I love the burnt and crusty edge. So probably no one else thinks it's that good.

  5. Explosive chocolate flavor??? Yes, please!