Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shakolad: Milk and White Mint Truffles

Having started my sampling of the Shakolad box with the dark chocolate mint truffle, it was clear what I needed to do next.

Try the milk chocolate version, which happily sat next to it in the box.

The milk chocolate coating was soft and featured a distinct taste of dairy and a slight caramel flavor. It was also nice and soft, and was perfectly matched to the mint white chocolate ganache interior.

The filling itself was nice and refreshing, and the mint cut through the sweetness of the chocolate. Though it is obviously an artificial green color, the mint flavor is satisfying. I enjoyed the contrast of the dark chocolate flavor better, but truly enjoyed the way that it was easy to nibble on this truffle without running into severe crumbling.

So what now? Oh, the white chocolate mint truffle, of course. The fun never ends.

The white chocolate on the outside of this truffle was very creamy and sweet, and was exceptionally soft. Almost softer than the ganache inside. I think it would be possible to eat this truffle without any teeth.

While the mint cuts through the sweetness just a tad, it unfortunately isn’t enough, and the result is a mint-flavored sugar-and-milk concoction that is too sweet even for the unapologetic white chocolate lover in me. If assembling my own box, I’d probably add an extra milk or dark mint truffle and pass on this one.

If you like chocolate and mint together, do you prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate as the base?


  1. Hmmm, I've never had a mint and white chocolate combination before! Shame that this was horrifically sweet!

  2. Those all look pretty good, but I guess I'd have to stick with the dark/mint combo! =D

  3. I do enjoy mint + milk chocolate! Such a great combo for an after dinner pick me up :)

  4. @Hannah I just don't think mint provides the right contrast for white chocolate. Citrus is almost a necessity.

  5. I like white chocolate with mint if dark chocolate is also involved. :) Milk chocolate is a good compromise!

  6. @Jessica @ bake me away! I agree. Milk is just a little too sweet, though if you have the right mint, white chocolate can let the mint shine through.

  7. I absolutely love mint and chocolate :) And I prefer dark chocolate with mint especially in my ice cream.

  8. @Sarah I'm with you on that. Some kinds of mint I like with white chocolate, but dark is usually necessary.