Saturday, January 8, 2011

Keep Eating More Fruit: Vosges Cherry Rooibos Bar

So that New Year's resolution to eat more fruit - I sure helped you yesterday with that recipe for Chocolate Cherry Shortbread with Sea Salt, didn't I? The folks over at Vosges apparently want to help, too, since one of their 2010-2011 featured holiday candy bars is the Cherry Rooibos Bar.

The base for this bar is a smooth and creamy 45% cocoa deep milk chocolate, with a hint of a vanilla taste to it. This bar also happens to holds bits of dried Michigan cherries, which are quite aromatic and evident upon opening the package, and some African rooibos tea.
The cherries are very finely chopped, such that each bite of this bar includes some tart cherry flavor to compliment the creamy milk chocolate, and such that bits of cherry seamlessly dissolve with each bite and don't stick to your teeth. Though the cherry flavor is strong, the tea is evident mostly through a bit of crunch from the leaves, and any flavor it imparts is subtly complimentary to the chocolate and cherry.

Overall, the combination of chocolate and cherry flavor is spot-on. My only complaint? Vosges labeled this a "special edition" bar, and it's unclear how much longer I'll be able to find leftover stock on store shelves. Pity. This bar doesn't really scream "Christmas," now does it? Instead, it screams "delicious."

Are there any Vosges holiday bars that you are sad may not be around much longer?


  1. Hmm. That bar sounds pretty interesting! and healthy! =P

  2. I'd love to try this - I used to drink Rooibos tea like it was going out of style! Perhaps I'll have to buy more and eat it *with* chocolate, to recreate the Vosges experience...

  3. @fitchocoholic Cherries AND tea - it's a healthified chocolate bar indeed!

  4. @HannahMaybe you could make tea-cherry-chocolate cookies :).