Friday, January 28, 2011

I be Stylin': My Stylish Blogger Award from Beth

First Julie tagged me. Now Beth from Swim, Bike, Run DC. But at least this time, Beth gave me an award: The Stylish Blogger Award.

I’m super-stylish. Beth knows this because she sees me coaching synchronized swimming while she aqua-jogs. I routinely wear a shirt that reads “Train Hard. Win Easy.”

Style. I’ve got it.

Anyway, I guess this means I’m supposed to tell you seven things about myself. Some say they should be surprising. Uh, right. Either way, here goes:

1. Even though you wouldn’t know it from reading this blog, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Between 9 and 13 servings a day. Yes. Lots of squash, greens, pears, apples…delicious

2. While this is probably not very surprising, it’s perhaps a bit unusual that I have a chocolate cabinet.


3. I wrote a thesis on the influence of major scandals on presidential popularity. As a result, I have an unhealthy obsession with Richard Nixon.

4. I don’t really like chocolate chips. They’re waxy because they have less cocoa butter to allow them to maintain their shape during baking. Gross. Bulk bar chocolate is better.

5. Last April, I became the youngest national-level synchronized swimming judge in the United States. And then I judged at the biggest synchronized swimming meet in the world at the end of June.

There are over 1000 athletes who attend that meet. It was, um, long.

6. I am probably the youngest person in America using a digital converter box to watch TV, as I don’t have any kind of cable subscription. Unsurprisingly, I don’t watch much TV outside the local news.

7. I exercise at least an hour every day, and swim 4-6 days a week. I love the water.

Now I get to award this to some folks.

Leigh, since her blog is actually about fashion. And because she eats my macarons. Go become one of her first blog followers; she just started.

Jessica, who plays with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (!). And makes her own macarons. She’s also another Daring Baker. You really need to follow her blog.

Are you stylish? Am I? (Don't answer the second question).


  1. I'm not at all stylish....I have a stack of clothes and wear whatever happens to be on top. I get some nice outfits! =P

  2. Sounds like you are an excellent swimmer! I wish I was...I never excelled in that area of fitness.

    A chocolate cabinet is AWESOME and I don't really care for choc chips either!!

  3. Is it so wrong to think a tshirt and track pants are stylish? I don't think so!

    And I totally have a chocolate drawer at home. At least 5-6 different types of chocolate in there at all times!

  4. @thehealthyapron Aren't chocolate chips kind of waxy?

    I'm not really a very good swimmer anymore - I used to be alright, though.

  5. @Beth Variety is the key to a healthy diet, so your drawer sounds good to me. And three cheers for stylish t-shirts and track pants.

  6. OMG your chocolate cabinet looks AMAZING!!! And if it makes you feel any better, not only do my roommates and I (ages 22-27) have a digital converter box for our TV, we actually can't get it to work correctly, so the only channel we get is the local Penn State station... haha. Whatevs, cable is expensive!!

  7. ah I was at nationals and helped worked the sound! that was my practice pool when I swam:) for some reason i'm really excited about this haha.

  8. Oh, you're the stylishest of stylish folk! And you've reminded me that I got awarded this and also still need to write hte *four things* meme you tagged me with... Oops!

    P.S. CONGRATULATIONS for number 5!!

  9. Hey I just found your blog!! So happy I did, and I love your name:) I'm a diehard chocoholic, through and through! Can't wait to read more!

  10. @Rachel It's true that cable is expensive. And that's money you can't spend on your chocolate cabinet.

  11. @Jess@atasteofconfidence Did you work the sound for 16-17 finals? Cause I was the ref who forgot to blow the whistle for one team and had them hold their deckwork pose for like 2 minutes. I rule.

  12. @Hannah You'd better get cracking. Or the blog police will find you.

  13. @littlehealthjunkie Welcome! Chocolate is indeed the best. A life necessity, really.

  14. Oh my yumminess, a chocolate cabinet! I have no will power when it comes to chocolate, so that would be a disaster. Synchronized swimming; that is amazing!

  15. Thanks, dude! I'm a vegetarian and I don't even eat as many servings of fruits and veggies as you.

  16. @DashI find that if I have a whole cabinet, I have a hard time deciding and often walk away.

    I do, however, have to keep baked goods in the freezer.

  17. @Jessica @ bake me away! More awards! It's neverending for you.

    And yeah, people are sometimes grossed out by how many vegetables I eat...