Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lunch with an Old Friend: Teaism Chocolate Salty Oat Cookie

Last week, while absolutely nobody was in DC, my friend Lindsay, who I have known since middle school, was in town from Milwaukee to dog-sit for one of the folks who had split town. Luckily, I was around, so she and I went to Teaism for lunch.

While we were there, we got some chocolate dessert. Teaism’s salty oat cookie is semi-famous in DC, so we picked up a chocolate salty oat cookie to share.

As evidenced by this picture, the oats make up a heaping portion of this cookie. As also evidenced by this picture, there is some coarse salt sprinkled on top, yet this doesn’t come through much in the taste. The chocolate taste is also a tad weak, and is really only strong when you get a chunk of a super-smooth semi sweet chocolate. There is, however, a very clear coconut taste in this cookie – Lindsay agreed. I would personally prefer a softer cookie with more chocolate chunks, but for $2, this is a fairly large cookie that tastes alright.

Have you met up with any old friends recently? Did you eat chocolate while doing so?


  1. Haven't really met up with anyone recently....but I still eat chocolate every day... =D

  2. Hmm, that sounds like a disappointing cookie. I think you should make your own superior version in the near future (Throwdown with D. Choc?). My same day lunch with friends (including one from middle school) did not involve chocolate, sadly. The place we were at has chocolate beet cake, though!

  3. I went to Teaism when I was in DC this January! :) :) My friend heartily recommended the salty oat cookie, but I was too full from lunch. After reading this review, I don't regret that as much anymore :P

  4. Definitely did the old-friends thing in DC for New Year's; it's always nice getting to visit people you don't get to see very often IRL.

    This cookie sounds like a more serious fail then the cupcakes at Red Velvet! But yes...$2 can, I suppose, only get you so far.

  5. @Jessica @ bake me away! It was disappointing mostly because the plain salty oat cookie is pretty good, and I'd assumed that good cookie+chocolate=better cookie. Sadly not true. I think I shall go cry.

    Chocolate beet cake? Intriguing. Almost as intriguing as avocado cake.

  6. @Hannah YAY I love Teaism, even if this cookie wasn't the best. In the summer, they have this chilled mint tea that is amazing. You'd probably love some now during the hot Australian summer.

  7. @Mary at n00bcakes It wasn't really a fail, just sort of not my preference for a cookie. This is why I bake. I can make it how I want it. And then make other people eat the other 31 cookies from the batch.

  8. While I'm a little bummed that the Teaism version of this cookie disn't going to blow my mind . .. I love the inspiration! I think it sounds like a fun cookie to make. Thanks, Victoria!

  9. @Katie @ Shared Bites Ohhhhhhhhh Katie I sense a DC-area blogger challenge. Are you on?

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