Sunday, December 19, 2010

Divine Chocolate: Milk Chocolate with Spiced Cookies

Seems that everybody is putting out seasonal chocolates these days. Is Christmas synonymous with chocolate? If so, I love Christmas even more than before.

One company that has clearly jumped on this bandwagon is Divine. The Milk Chocolate bar with Spiced Cookies, which I picked up at Biagio’s sample day in November, screams “Gingerbread and sugar.”

What, doesn’t your chocolate talk to you?

Really? No? Weird.

If you did speak chocolate, and were able to talk to it, you’d notice very little aroma upon opening the bar, and would have to bite into this to get a sense of that chocolate-and-spice-based holiday cheer.

The chocolate itself is soft, and the dominant taste in the chocolate is cream. In general, it’s difficult to separate the taste of the chocolate itself from the strong ginger flavor of the crunchy spice cookie bits, which also feature a hint of cinnamon. While the bar has a bit of a spicy bite, it doesn’t overwhelm the creaminess of the milk chocolate. The overall combination of soft milk chocolate and crunchy cookie bits, mild milk chocolate and spicy cookie flavor, is a dead-on hit. I believe I need to make another trip to Biagio to get more before the holiday season is over.

Have you tried Divine chocolate before? What did you think?


  1. Mmmmm where can I buy that? I'm thinking santa might put that in my stocking this year...=P

  2. I'd jump through hoops for a gingerbread chocolate here in Australia!! I think I might have had Divine's 70% a few years back in America, but it was pre-blog so I can't recall the quality exactly...

  3. @fitchocoholic Whole Foods sells some Divine bars, but the one near me didn't carry this particular bar, so I "had" to go to a local specialty shop. Check a Whole Foods near you.

  4. @Lisa (bakebikeblog) Nice and spicy! Bars like this inspire awesome baking recipes.

  5. @HannahReally? No gingerbread chocolate in Australia? I think the solution is to make some gingerbread cookies, crumble them, and stir them into melted chocolate. Make your own bars!

  6. don't know that i've tried any of their bars, but now i'm intrigued... might have to search them out soon :)

  7. @Shannon I'm almost positive that the Whole Foods stores in the Boston area carry Divine bars - their plain old milk and dark bars are quite good, too.