Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cuter Than Cake Balls: Chocolate Cake Truffles

As part of my baking adventures last weekend, when I whipped up zebra bundt cake, coconut-lime milk chocolate thumbprints, mini chocolate pecan tarts, and a slew of other baked goods, I got to engage in another exciting activity known as "cramming baked goods into the freezer." Sometimes, such as when making the cherpumple, I wind up cooking several packs of frozen vegetables. This time, however, it occured to me that in the back of the freezer were several dozen leftover mini cupcakes that I'd determined I could serve with quickly-created frosting in a pinch.

Cake truffles.

I had to do it, you see, to make space in the freezer for other baked goods. I'd seen cake balls, cake pops, etc. made before based on Bakerella's base recipe, and had already made chocolate covered buttercream before. I ascertained that this couldn't be that difficult, and got to work. Sadly, I don't really have exact measurements, because I simply crumbed up "about 60" chocolate mini cupcakes and whipped up some classic vanilla buttercream frosting.

Then, a la Bakerella, I mixed them together.

Now, instead of just making balls, I rolled it out into a slab 1/3” thick and froze it.

But why? Because little cookie cutters are so much fun!

I used those little cookie cutters to make cute little Christmas-themed shapes out of my cake ball mixture.

Now for the really fun part – these need to be covered in chocolate. Melted milk chocolate, of course.

Even frozen, these little shaped truffle bits were going to be hard to dip gracefully. Until I stuck toothpicks in them.

Then it was easy to dip them in chocolate and set them aside while the chocolate shell hardened around the gooey frosting-cake interior.

After the chocolate solidified, I removed the toothpicks from the truffles, and admired these Christmas-themed cake truffles.

Ain’t they just so seasonal and cute? I had to ship these out to my parents and my brother and his wife, because otherwise I’d have to eat all these cute little things right up.

My mom reports that she has had to hide these from herself. Victory.

Have you ever made cake balls? Ever tried fancier versions, like cake pops?


  1. Never made cake balls before, but after seeing this recipe, I might have to! Also, I think chocolate covered buttercream sounded wonderful!
    Heck, chocolate covered anything sounds wonderful to me!!!! =D

  2. @fitchocoholic Check out Bakerella's site; she has many cool flavor combinations and some totally adorable cake pop designs. Much cuter than these little trees and stockings. And I just linked up the chocolate covered buttercream event: - just noticed I'd forgotten to before.

  3. Oh gosh, I love your Christmassy version! I've never tried nor made cake ball/pops, though have been seeing them all over the interwebs lately because of Bakerella. They're definitely cute as can be!

  4. Holy fudge (ha HA!), those look fantastic! Can't wait to give something like that a try. Adorable Christmas goodies. ^_^

  5. These are adorable, and look delicious. I have a lot of cupcake recipes to experiment with, so these will be perfect!

  6. @Hannah Thanks, Hannah! This is actually way easier than a lot of the super-cute cake pops, but they are cute enough for me! The mini cookie cutters make these the perfect size.

  7. @Mary at n00bcakes Go for it, Mary! These are not that hard, especially if you have leftover plain cake sitting around.

  8. @Julie @SavvyEats Awesome plan for using leftover cupcakes, Julie :). Are you working on the Scharffen Berger adventure contest?

  9. Oh, these are super cute! I've made cake balls a couple times and they came out kind of ugly both times even though I followed Bakerella's tapping tip. Seems like the sticks would make these a lot easier to dip!

  10. @Jessica @ bake me away! Yeah, the toothpicks were KEY - makes it easier to twirl them around to get rid of the chocolate. I bet your cake balls tasted great anyway.