Monday, December 12, 2011

Triathlete/Runner Get-Togethers: How to Dispose of Cookies

I do fun things sometimes.


Things besides reviewing chocolate, swimming, or running.

In fact, this Friday, I took part in a dinner with a bunch of DC-area triathletes and runners that Sarah kindly organized.

(That's Emily, Lauren, me, and Allison. Not swimming, biking or running)

Where we TALKED about swimming and running, and reviewed chocolate; specifically, we checked out some new test bars from Potomac Chocolate.

Ben, the mastermind behind the Potomac Chocolate’s 82% cacao Upala bar that I enjoy in large enough quantities to justify large-scale purchases, had sent me two developmental bars to check out. When I told him I’d get the opinions of about a dozen runners and triathletes, he asked if I would need more bars.

Evidently, triathletes have quite the reputation for eating. Including eating artisan dark chocolate. We absolutely adored one of Ben’s experimental bars, and enjoyed the smooth texture and mild flavor immensely. I was luckily able to stash half of it to take home, since Lauren, a badass who recently finished an Ironman, made toffee.

She included salt in it. Lauren, I love you. Please don’t go back to Denver.

Have you ever had a developmental chocolate bar? Did you share it with hungry runners?


  1. All the chocolate was so good and I wish I stold some so I could eat more on sat.

  2. Wow I have need to make a journey up to DC for ya'lls meetups! :)

  3. I should have KNOWN the meet-up would include chocolate.

  4. Oh, I wish I could try his new bars. I have an inkling they're good news! Glad someone gets to try them, at any rate:)

  5. I don't share chocolate. Period. Looks like a fun meet up!

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