Friday, December 9, 2011

Dolfin Dolfin Noir Aux Feuilles De Menthe: It's Just Mint Dark Chocolate

Christmas is getting closer. Close enough that I finally bought plane tickets to visit my family around Christmas. I procrastinate this as long as possible every year, in hopes that all the seats will be gone and I won't have to go…er…in hopes that the prices will drop.

This time, it’s going to cost me almost $500. For the privilege of going to Detroit.

I hate my life sometimes.

But that’s not the Christmas spirit. And to get into the Christmas spirit, I need some more mint-infused chocolate. Or, perhaps the Dolfin Noir Aux Feuilles De Menthe.

Seriously, people, don’t be so full of yourselves. It’s freaking dark chocolate with mint leaves. I can, however, forgive some pretention since these folks were smart enough to double wrap the bar to keep the pervasive mint flavor and aroma confined to this bar rather than simply confined to any bit of chocolate in my chocolate cabinet.

The mint aroma is spicy in nature, and the flavor is relatively subtly, with a savory character that turns more sweet near the end.

A few other flavors emerge – cream at the beginning and coffee at the end – but mint is definitely the dominant flavor. While it’s natural and not artificial in character, it’s quite weak, and in fact, the bar’s flavor is weak overall and the dry melt of the bar compounds this deficiency.

A subpar mint chocolate bar and a $500 trip to Detroit in two weeks. Bah Humbug.

Are you going anywhere for Christmas? Is it going to cost less than $500?


  1. Bah humbug indeed. NJ is just as exciting, but only half the cost, of detroit.

  2. I love mint chocolate, especially in Gu format.

  3. but isn't seeing your awesome family worth it?

  4. I was in the Detroit airport for the first time when we went to Hawaii. Why is it so frickin long and skinny? Should trains really be necessary to get you from one side to the other in less than fifteen minutes (provided you don't use the endless highway of moving sidewalks)?

    I like everything I've had by Dolfin, although some of the tea-flavored bars have been close to being a bit wonky with too much flavor. I also really like pronouncing "feuilles." Feuuuuuillllllles. Foehyyyyyyyye. Feuilles. Tongue twister.

    I'm just driving a couple hours away, but I don't get to see my family this year:(

  5. I've often found Dolfin suffers from this dryness. And you know what? No sympathy for your plight. Because you're returning to the city of Biagio and vegan restaurants and your own place, even if sans toilet paper. You win.

    I haven't started any shopping. And have no time to shop. Bah humbug, too.

  6. I'm spending the holidays in the Philippines and it def cost more than $500! Hope you enjoy the holidays - I'm sure you'll find better chocolates soon! ;) I actually tried a couple of Dolfin bars recently (speculoos and milk) and I'm not too impressed either...

  7. Someone told me if you order plane tickets on Wednesdays they are cheaper. I don't know if this is true because I always forget to look but my brother got a pretty good deal so maybe.

    I'm going back home, so that counts. I'll be driving the 12 hours. I think that in gas will be a little cheaper than 500. ;)

  8. Ughh why does teleporting not exist!? 500 is ridik dear, sorry to hear that :(
    Chocolate mint is my favorite flavor of chocolate at the moment

  9. Luckily for me my travel plans cost me significantly less than $500, but I'm also a spastic planner, so I bought mine months in advance. :D $500 is pretty painful!

    Also - does the chocolate come with a monocle? Because only then is it TRULY pretentious. ^_^

  10. Most fancifully named chocolate bar ever, too bad it doesn't quite live up to all that wonderment.