Friday, December 2, 2011

Hotel Chocolat: Dark Mint Puddles

As I’ve mentioned before, mint chocolate just seems to fit perfectly with the Christmas season. I’m not sure why. But it does. So let’s go with it, and talk about some Hotel Chocolate Dark Mint Puddles, which are made with 72% cacao dark chocolate and Tasmanian peppermint oil. Even with the peppermint oil, the mint aroma is faint; however, the mint flavor comes through almost immediately, though with a bit of an artificial bite.

In addition to the mint flavor, there’s a bit of a coffee flavor that is dominant at the end, and a very mild cooling mint after taste is evident as well. The melt is a bit waxy at first, which distracts from the blend of chocolate and mint flavors, and is then buttery, which allows for better enjoyment of the flavors. Though the Hotel Chocolat mint crisp bar was nicer, I can’t turn down mint and chocolate this time of year. I just can’t.

Have you had chocolate with mint oil in it?


  1. Never mind oil but mint is my moms favorite type of chocolate so needless to say we always have some in the house. I like anything dark chocolate so I think I'd like that a lot. :)

  2. Sounds lovely! Particularly with the coffee notes :)

  3. Learned lots of good stats after becoming curious about the comment above me. Thank you, personal injury accident lawyer, for teaching me that "Elderly women are 60% more likely to suffer a fatal accident than a 16-year-old boy." Now I know.

    I think I'd like this chocolate too. I'm never a mint fan, but I've been trying to branch out lately. There's more to mint than just toothpaste!