Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas as a Chocolate Blogger

The cool thing about having a chocolate blog is that people can read it for ideas of what to get you for Christmas.

Alternatively, they can get you a stuffed squirrel with a lightsaber.

(Yes, a colleague really did send this to me for Christmas.)

But most people will just get you chocolate related stuff. Or…actual chocolate, including Domori (!), like some of my swimmers did.

Or a kickass chocolate cookbook, so that you can make chocolate treats yourself.

Also courtesy of my swimmers.

And maybe, just maybe, some guy who will work the knots out of your calves after a marathon will find your blog and decide that you need something ELSE to make you happy.

Yes, a card with a smiley face will work. Especially if attached to a gigantic box of chocolate.

Did you get any chocolate for Christmas? Or just a stuffed squirrel with a lightsaber?


  1. I wish I could say I'd received a squirrel with a lightsaber. Or a card with a smiley face. Hah.

    But of course I received chocolate! Massive quantities:)

  2. Alas, I am not fancy enough to get special chocolate for Christmas (just your normie-brand stuff...still tasty enough for me, though :D). Can't wait to hear all about your new chocolates - and I can't WAIT to hear all about that chocolate cookbook! ^_^