Friday, May 4, 2012

Bruno's Chocolate Creations: Tropical-Inspired Chocolates

Even though that box of chocolate that my boyfriend got me from Bruno’s Chocolate Creations down in Florida was huge, I only reviewed two pieces. Is it because I ate the rest so quickly that I couldn't review them?


But really, I did want to stretch it out rather than write 18 pages about one box of chocolates in one post. So, continuing along, I’ll go over some of Bruno’s tropical-inspired flavors. First up, the pineapple pate de fruit.

The piece has a mild coffee and vanilla aroma, and the couverture has a smooth melt with a mild earthy flavor. There’s a bit of a sweet edge to it, but the earthy flavor dominates.

The pineapple interior is sweet, not tart, in nature. It is smooth, with an easy-to-chew texture, and the density matches up perfectly with the couverture such that the interior and exterior don’t break apart. The pate de fruit makes up the majority of the piece, and I would have preferred a bit more chocolate to balance out the sweet pineapple, but overall, it was an enjoyable piece

Moving right along to another tropical-themed treat: a coconut-filled piece.

The piece has an aroma of strong vanilla and weak coconut ; the couverture has a strong coffee flavor along with hints of cream and berry.

The coconut inside is where this piece really shines; the coconut is nicely toasted to bring out the flavor, and is neither dry nor gummy. There is just a touch of sugar to enhance the flavor of the coconut, which allows you to enjoy the coconut flavor rather than a coconut-flavored sugary center. It’s really perfectly spot on. If I got another box of these (HINT), I would love several of these coconut pieces.

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