Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bruno's Chocolate Creations: Nutty Pieces

The box of chocolates that my boyfriend got me from Bruno’sChocolate Creations down in Florida had a pretty nice variety of pieces in it, and fortunately, that variety included the all-important nutty pieces. One simple but delicious piece was the chocolate covered cashew.

The piece has a faint aroma of nuts and coffee, and the couverture offers flavors of vanilla and coffee with just a hint of sugar. The density is just perfect for the cashew, and there isn’t any messy breakage to deal with. 

The cashew inside is a tiny bit under-roasted, but is by no means raw, and is quite flavorful. It is also nicely salted, and blend well with the mild chocolate.

If somebody gave me 30 of these, they’d last about 30 minutes.

Maybe. 15 is probably more like it.

But instead of a pound of chocolate covered cashews, my box had variety, so I moved along to another nutty piece, a peanut butter cream.
This piece has a distinct peanut aroma, and the chocolate has a smooth melt with a distinct vanilla flavor – nothing notable, but nothing offensive either.

The interior is very dense and smooth with an intense roasted nut flavor and a hint of salt. The texture is creamy and well-matched to the chocolate to minimize breakage with each bite. As a whole, the piece is completely delightful, and almost as good as the Recchiuti peanut butter pucks.

Perhaps I need some more of each piece for comparison purposes. Perhaps.


  1. I need Ray to read your blog more... he needs to buy me gifts like this :)

    My vote is for the Peanut Butter one!

  2. mmmmmm.

    Though, I think you should have titled this "Nutty Bits" -- ha!

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