Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recchiuti: Champagne Truffles

Apparently there is some kind of holiday coming up next week…Valentine’s Day? Normally I’d be all about hating it, but some very nice chocolate comes out in recognition of it.

Even better, most of it will be deeply discounted next Wednesday. Patience, people, patience.

But, since I’m thinking of those of you who just might be in search of something to give to somebody special, I’ve gotten my hands on some Valentine’s Day special stuff in advance of the big day. Such as this specially-packaged box of Recchiuti champagne truffles.

I spied this minimalist box at Cocova a couple of weeks ago, and added it to my pile of intended purchases. The significant other saw this, and tried to say he was going to get this pretty little box for me. I said no. He protested. I gave him my best “angry synchronized swimming coach” glare and he gave up.

Then I put my pile down to look at some of the new Madre bars, looked back at the pile 10 seconds later to find that the box was gone and being purchased by somebody who was not me.


Either way, I was up one box of truffles, so I looked inside and found some petite truffles coated with a generous portion of powdered sugar. 

Each truffle has a sugary vanilla aroma, and a thin outer shell underneath that powdered sugar, which dissolves slowly over the course of about 10 seconds, at which point you can finally taste the chocolate itself.

The chocolate has cherry notes with subtle hints of banana and coffee, and is neither sweet nor bitter – just a perfect spot between the two. 

The ganache center is thick and smooth with a slow, creamy melt. The champagne flavor only comes in at the end, and is subtle, without even a hint of a boozy bite. I’ll say they aren’t QUITE Teuscher level , but they are close, and I do like their smaller size.

I still can’t believe I got tricked like that. I know better.


  1. For some reason the last 10 blogs of yours JUST appeared on my bloglovin reading. UHHH WHAT. Anyways so I'm catching up on all the chocolate. I need to find myself a man to get me all this chocolate for real. I think truffles are my favorite type.

    1. Oh my where did you get those decadent truffles. I'd love to purchase them!

    2. Cocova! But Recciuti is based in San Francisco.

  2. Mmm. Delicious. That Madre will play you every time - and good thing, too.