Friday, February 17, 2012

Pralus: Venezuela Trinitario 75% Cacao

So all that talk of chocolate treats for Valentine’s Day last week and this week…yeah. Let’s just say it was a good thing that the sneaky significant other decided to give me those caramels and champagnetruffles early, because on Valentine’s Day itself, I was traveling to San Antonio for a work meeting that day. And was in said meeting all day on the 15th, so I didn’t even get to celebrate “National Chocolate Sale Day.”

But travel does mean one thing: selecting a bar, or bars, of chocolate to take along. I like to go with a smooth-textured, intensely-flavored dark chocolate, since the nice melt is soothing after a day of long meetings, and the intense flavor just completes the experience. I almost always travel with some Potomac Chocolate 82% Cacao Upala, but also like to bring along something else for variety.

This week, I towed along the Pralus Venezuela Trinitario 75% cacao bar, mostly because it boasts a superbly smooth, buttery melt that is nothing short of luscious.

The aroma of this bar is fruity, dominated by raisin and banana, with a hint of caramel as well.

The taste is vastly different from the aroma, however, as citrus and char, reminiscent of strongly-roasted coffee, are dominant. It could perhaps benefit from a little more sugar, but the flavor is enjoyable nonetheless.

And did I mention the amazing texture? It’s really like slowly melting butter, and provides a great escape during a work trip on any subject.


  1. Sounds incredible. I was given a Pralus bar from an American friend for Christmas; I feel like it might be this one, but I'm not sure. I hope. :)

  2. Have you tried Pralus' Cuban bar? I'm not generally a huge Pralus fan, but the Cuban bar is incredible.