Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dolcezza: Chocolate Gelato

So. Valentine’s Day. You’ve got nothing. Nice work, trooper. You could have read my recommendations for gifts last week, but unless you can haul ass over to Cocova or a similar shop in your home city, you’re out of luck.

I can still help you. I’m all about being sneaky, so here’s how you can still stay on the good side of the important chocolate lover in your life.

Take him or her out for dessert. Spontaneously. Romantic, right? Now to find a spot.

Oh, oh! Frozen yogurt?

No. It’s not healthy and it’s icy. Try again.

Oh please. Don’t even start. If a guy got me something from that overhyped shack, it would be the last time he ever saw me.

Let’s get real: gelato. From Dolcezza, the shop that has you covered with storefronts in Dupont Circle, Georgetown, AND Bethesda.

You can’t go wrong. And look at this cozy little seating arrangement.

Romance at its finest.

Now I’ve already reviewed Dolcezza’s Valrhona Chocolate Amargo – but they have a more lightly-colored, less intense “plain” chocolate flavor, too. 

This particular flavor has a creamy texture that has a hint of dryness – almost as if there are specks of leftover cocoa powder floating around. While not as complex or intense as the Valrhona flavor, it has a deep cocoa flavor, with hints of berry and coffee, that lingers nicely; these flavors are accented by a hint of sweat cream, which is more subtle than the sugary frozen desserts that abound.

Though delightful on its own, I’d suggest that this plain chocolate flavor from Dolcezza be paired with another flavor – such as their salted caramel – as this version won’t wash out other flavors like the Valrhona gelato does. For chocolate alone, the Valrhona just can’t be beat.


  1. I wouldn't turn down the fro yo, but then whoever was there with me would have to listen to endless drivel which would include the words 'fro yo' being bantered about as if there were no tomorrow.

    I was all complainy last week about how I thought I'd never be given chocolates in a sweet surprising way like you. Wrong! I was wrong:D

  2. I think gelato is my favorite word! Italy this summer created a total transformation in my brain!

    ...Thanks for pointing them out. I'm taking the Boss to Dolcezza tonight!

  3. GAH! Reader still isn't delivering your posts! *shakes fist at world*