Friday, January 27, 2012

Rococo Basil & Persian Lime

All this recent talk of chocolate and fresh mint – first in the John&Kira’s Urban Garden Mint bar, and then in the Rococo Moroccan Mint bar – has me on a fresh herb kick. Thankfully, Rococo has a bar with BASIL in it.Yes, BASIL in a CHOCOLATE bar. It’s the Basil and Persian lime bar, which was also inspired by the founder’s early days in Tehran.

The 65% cacao bar has a clear basil aroma and a subtle lime aroma. I was still skeptical of this combination, but broke of a small piece and enjoyed a smooth buttery melt accented by a sweet creamy flavor.

A pleasingly tart lime flavor emerged soon after the creamy flavor, and was not remotely  sour – it reminded me of lime oil more than lime juice. The basil eventually comes into play but remains subtle throughout. There is a very subdued coffee flavor from the chocolate in the background that blends well with the slight sweetness, the distinct lime, and subtle basil.

It’s an unusual but delightful flavor combination that doesn’t overemphasize any one flavor, and features a spot-on buttery texture to complement those flavors.

I rather like it. Somebody get me some more. It’s not available here in DC, perhaps I need another trip to San Francisco.


  1. what an interesting chocolate flavor!

  2. Oh nice, I'm not normally a fan of basil in chocolate but Rococo normally do stuff pretty well.

  3. This might be my favorite sounding bar of anything you've ever featured, which is saying a lot. How do I get my hands on this stuff?!!

  4. Ooooh! I think I have this somewhere! (Probably expired...) Must try to scrounge it out!