Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hotel Chocolat: Citrus Puddles

Did you miss me yesterday? Yeah, no Monday post. I posted about my training for last week over on my other blog instead. Go check it out. Or don't. Anyway, the current plan is to blog about chocolate here on Tuesdays and Fridays, and on the triathlon blog on Mondays and Thursdays.

So before I deserted you yesterday, I apparently scared a few people away from Brazil nuts after I mentioned that they are the most radioactive food on the planet in my review of Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate covered Bazil nuts.

People: radiation is everywhere. It’s fine. Really. Your orange juice has some sexy, radioactive Potassium 40 in it. Keep drinking it. And if you are still scared, read up on radiation hormesis; you’ll be joining me to down Brazil nuts and orange juice daily after you do.

Now onto less controversial Hotel Chocolat creations: Their citrus puddles, which have a 27% cacao white chocolate base, are lime scented and accented with tangerine pieces.

The puddles have a weak citrus aroma, and the most immediate flavors are vanilla and cream.
However, crunchy bits of citrus begin to dissolve as the chocolate melts, and a visual inspection of the puddles make it clear why the citrus flavor emerges a bit more slowly.

The chocolate has a rich melt which is quite creamy, and the combination of cream and citrus is delightful, even if the citrus is more generic than specific and the overall effect is a bit more sweet than tangy. They remind me of summer. Which it is not.

Do you like chocolate with tangerine? What kind of chocolate?


  1. I like tangerine with anything! While I would prefer it with anything but white chocolate, perhaps I could get behind this for the crunchy bits of citrus.

    I've started trying to use tangerines in recipes that call for oranges - it adds so much, I think.

  2. I really need to start buying these chocolates you recommend because this looks delicious. I didn't even know you could find chocolate with pieces of tangerine which sounds amazing. You really are the chocolate connoisseur.