Friday, January 13, 2012

Hotel Chocolat: Praline Puddles

Since it’s definitely not close to summer, I will be nice and not review citrus-inspired treats that could remind you of summer. But I will continue my review of Hotel Chocolat puddles, since they are just so adorable. Today’s treat is their praline puddle, a soft hazelnut praline in a 50% cacao milk chocolate.

The puddles have a nutty aroma that features a hint of cream, and the melt is thick and smooth.

A nutty flavor comes through immediately, with a coffee undertone featured as well. The earthy and coffee flavors of the chocolate are evident, and aren’t dwarfed by the hazelnut flavor, which is common in many praline-based creations. There’s a flavor in there that isn’t quite right, though – almost like poorly incorporated cream. It’s a shame, because the texture is divine.

Have you had any of Hotel Chocolat’s puddles? What is your favorite kind?


  1. Poorly-incorporated cream sounds strange, especially for a hazelnut-dominated flavor.

    Haven't had any of the Puddles, but I've enjoyed your reviews of them!

  2. I've never had these before but they look amazing...I love chocolate of all kinds but the darker the better!

  3. Funnily enough i havent tried any of their puddles! Loving the look of these praline ones though! I just posted up the review of the Recchiuti bar you sent me a while back too..delicious yum!