Friday, November 4, 2011

L.A. Burdick: Venezuelan Hot Chocolate

I left a little teaser in Monday’s post recapping my trip to Boston. I mentioned going to L.A. Burdick with Carla.

But I made no mention of what I got there. Did I fall for the confections and bars displayed near the front of the store?

Possibly. But the real showpiece from my visit was the hot chocolate, which is prepared from single-origin chocolate.

Sign me up. And sign me up for the Venezuelan one. Stat.

There we go.

The hot chocolate in that cup is so thick that it resembles a liquefied brownie. Strong caramel and fruity notes are evident, and it is by no means sweet but is not bitter either.

Not bitter at all. More like heaven in a cup in Cambridge.

What’s the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had?


  1. Oh wow this hot chocolate looks amazing! Ive never seen a single origin hot chocolate like that before.

  2. The best hot chocolate I've ever had were the ones from home which my mom makes with a chocolate tablea and foams with a wooden whisks. But, elsewhere, my best cup of hot chocolate is definitely from LA Burdick!

  3. I've never been a hot chocolate girl, but drinking heaven does sound good.

  4. As Venezuelan, I love that you love our chocolate! =)

  5. Wow, I'm the biggest hot chocolate fan in the south. That looks so amazing! I wish I could order some online and ship them to Texas!