Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christopher Elbow: Dark rocks

Last week, folks all over were lamenting leftover Halloween candy and trying to figure out what to do with it. Some people just ate it, others contemplated baking projects involving leftover candy. I suppose the approach you take depends on the kind of candy you have leftover, but you can probably cover any of it in chocolate.

Well…a chocolate covered chocolate bar wouldn’t make sense. But what about chocolate covered candy corn? Or, say, chocolate covered pop rocks?

Chocolate covered pop rocks? Say what? Oh, it’s a thing. It’s a thing by Christopher Elbow, his bar No. 6: Dark Rocks, a 63% cacao dark chocolate bar blended with popping candy.

The bar has a fruity aroma; specifically, strawberry and banana are evident.

The popping candy gives and immediate crunchy and bubbly quality to the chocolate without being either hard or chewy; rather, they dissolve right along with the smoothly melting chocolate.

Even with the crackling of the popping candy, the chocolate character comes through nicely. The flavor is a bit creamy, with some earthiness and some notes of banana coming forward as well. The chocolate itself is neither sweet nor astringent; the popping candy adds a tart flavor and a bit of extra sugar at the end that tends to bring out a hint of caramel from the chocolate at the end.

Flavorful chocolate, playful candy. I could go for this. Often.

Do you like popping candy? Have you ever had it with chocolate?


  1. This would be fantastic for me. I love candy so combining it with chocolate is genius, clearly.

  2. WOAH! I've never heard of that! That's awesome!

  3. i have had something similar, but it was milk chocolate. i would love to try a dark chocolate variety (i prefer dark).

    I just stumbled across your blog while eating a dark chocolate peanut butter cup. i think we'd get along :)

  4. I have never even thought of combining it! Oh my god that sounds fantastic.

  5. I dislike popping candy almost as much as orange in my chocolate. The end.

  6. I just tried it for the first time ever yesterday, although with white chocolate. And it's interesting! First like normal chocolate eating, and then the candy pops...

  7. I've had the Sweeteeth bar with popping candy, but nothing popped for me. However, it was still delicious.

    I've got an Elbow bar that I need to get around to eating, pronto! Thanks for the reminder;)

  8. Ahhh im not a huge fan of popping candy normally..especially in chocolate.. I find it sort of takes away the pleasure of letting the chocolate melt in my mouth since an explosion is going on in the meantime!