Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hotel Chocolate: Splash of Milk 50% Cacao St. Lucia

Most people have a strong preference for either milk or dark chocolate. Others, like me, appreciate each of them for what they are. Milk chocolate is a delightful sweet treat, dark chocolate is a complex experience. I enjoy each of them, and choose depending on my mood and cravings.

But what if you can’t decide between milk and dark? What then? WHAT THEN???

Chill. Several chocolatiers make dark-milk blends. Such as Hotel Chocolat, with their St. Lucia 50% Cacao 
“Dash of Milk” bar.

 Unsurprisingly, the bar has a dairy aroma, along with a hint of caramel.

The dairy is quite evident in the flavor, though it seems a bit off, but fruitiness and coffee develop later in the melt to mute that effect. Still, the melt is dry throughout, which is inexcusable in a milk-enhanced chocolate, even if it is a dark-milk hybrid.

Advice: Go for the pralines at Hotel Chocolat. Leave this bar behind.


  1. Now I have to go back and find the recipe but I knew I knew a chocolate expert. I will come back with my question in a bit. By the way, I like the dash of milk. I should try this one.

  2. I had this too and wasn't a big fan either. My favorite is the salted caramel puddles!

  3. Dash of milk. I hope they don't mean powdered milk! ;)

  4. You just reminded me that I have to ask my friend in Boston to send me some chocolate from Hotel Chocolat ASAP!

  5. A hybrid chocolate bar... I think I just might like this idea! :)