Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chuao Potato Chips in Chocolate

Some people think that chocolate should be pure, with only a hint of sugar added, and surely never milk or even a dash of vanilla.

Other people think that chocolate bars should involve potato chips. 

Count Chuao in the second group.

This bar of 41% cacao milk chocolate has bits of kettle cooked potato chips mixed right in. 

The caramel aroma is strong, and the chocolate itself has a soft, creamy melt.

The chips are crisp, small, and well-distributed throughout the bar. They are a bit oily, and are also somewhat salty, but not until the end. They contrast nicely with the banana, caramel, and dairy flavors of the chocolate, and of course complement the creamy texture with their robust crunch.

$15/ounce artisan single origin chocolate with a complex flavor profile? Not really. A delicious combination of junk food? Definitely. You need this.


  1. Oh my. Chocolate covered potato chips have been a fav of mine since I was introduced to them in Ohio a few years back. This is a MUST try!

  2. I've wanted this ever since I heard about it a billion years ago (at least, that's how long the yearning makes it feel like). The Firecracker bar made me want to vomit, but this one I think would make me want to marry it.

  3. Have you made potato chip bark yet? Why not?

  4. chau is from San Diego ;) My favorite local chocolatier is Eclipse Chocolat, but I'll still need to be trying this.

  5. Any places other than Ohio and San Diego make and/or sell chocolate potato chips? Very interesting....