Friday, March 23, 2012

Scharffen Berger Salted Chocolate

Yes. Yes. Salt and chocolate. One of the most amazing pairs in the world. Which is why when I was at the Scharffen Berger shop at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, I realized that I desperately needed to bring home this package of salted bittersweet chocolate.

The presentation is, well, rustic – thick slabs of chocolate, broken up irregularly.

The chocolate has a weak aroma of mint and coffee, and the pieces of salt are relatively large, perhaps a bit larger than I prefer, as large granules tend to result in salty pockets in the melt of the chocolate.

The salt is, however, well distributed, so it is not overpowering at any point. There are still some saltier pockets, which give the chocolate a more caramel character, and others with little salt that give forth the base chocolate flavor, with earthy and floral notes. Ideally, the salt granules would be smaller to make the taste of the bar more uniform.


  1. Hmmm.. I've lusted for dark chocolate with salt for a while now... but unfortunately there is none in my stash.
    Have to buy myself some maybe...

  2. Not sure we can find Scharfen Berger here..but I love any dark chocolate.

  3. Salt & chocolate are a match made in heaven! I'm pretty sure I could write a baking blog revolving entirely around the two.