Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coppeneur Uba Budo Sao Tome and Principe Cru De Plantation 72% Cacao

Michael Pollan is somehow considered some brilliant nutrition guru after revealing that eating fruits and vegetables is good foryour health.

Er…come on, really? That’s news?

He also asserts that you should never eat anything you can’t pronounce. But come on, buddy Mike, single-origin chocolate is often sourced from difficult to pronounce locations.

Such as the Coppeneur Uba Budo Sao Tome and Principe Cru De Plantation 72% cacao bar.

 Yeah, you go ahead and try to rattle that off quickly.

The bar comes complete with an informative pamphlet and guide to Coppeneur’s other bars.

The bar with the long-winded title has an aroma that evenly blends coffee and flowers; it has a nice snap and a soft, buttery melt at first. Lavender is the first apparent taste, citrus notes emerge soon after, and an intense coffee flavor finishes off the bar. The texture is smooth throughout, and not remotely dry. That lavender flavor at the beginning was a delightful surprise, I only wish it had lasted a bit longer.


  1. Eating fruits and veggies is good for your health? You have successfully shocked me for the day.

  2. Yeah, Pollan is such a racist.

  3. Lavender. Whoa, yum.

    I'll be working on saying 'Uba Budo' quickly for the next 45 minutes:)

  4. Another recent completely novel nutrition find

    you mean..different macronutrients will effect us in different ways?! At least the general public is getting a better idea of such things..or I hope they are.