Friday, September 16, 2011

Madecasse: 44% Cacao Milk Chocolate

The sea salt and nib bar by Madecassee was sufficiently intriguing to lead me to research their offerings a bit more. Earlier this year, several stellar reviews of their 44% cacao milk chocolate bar cropped up, with Lee in particular discussing his favorable impressions. I had no choice but to get a bar myself.

No choice. None. I had to do my own assessment.

This bar is made in Africa, not just made with cacao harvested there, and offers a smoky aroma with caramel notes and a hint of cream.

The melt is slow, and while a bit dry at first, turns creamy later on. A strong banana flavor is present throughout, and a bit of vanilla and smokiness permeate the flavor throughout, with a tiny hint of citrus coming forth at the end. Though the smokiness is a bit odd for a milk chocolate, it’s certainly complexly flavored. A more uniformly creamy melt would make the bar more enjoyable, as the dryness at the beginning is distracting.

Have you ever had a chocolate that is dry at first but smooth later?

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  1. I adore smokiness in chocolate, so this is a milk chocolate I might even willingly buy ;)