Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cacao: Chocolate Covered Ginger

While the chocolate covered dried apricots and candied orange peel from Cacao were delightful, there were more treats from their collection to examine. More chocolate covered treats, including this drip-dry ginger covered in dark chocolate.

The pieces are quite variable in size and shape, as well as in scope of chocolate coverage. This is indicative of the handmade approach taken at the shop, and means that each piece offers a slightly different flavor balance. While the ginger comprises a good portion of nearly every piece, there was no ginger evident in the aroma, rather, mint and coffee were distinct.

Despite the lack of ginger aroma, the ginger is quite spicy, and a bit sweet. The spiciness lingers nicely alongside the pleasing texture of the ginger itself, as it is neither chewy nor dry, and the texture is nicely matched to the smooth chocolate – this allows for mess-free nibbling or each piece. The chocolate itself, while generally sparse, features ordinary coffee and caramel flavors, but this mild flavor is complimentary to the assertive ginger. Though these pieces were a bit low on chocolate in my opinion, the ginger was well-treated and the chocolate was of reasonable quality.

Do you like ginger and chocolate together?


  1. Ack this is like my nightmare. My orange-choc combination, if you will.

    Still, I'd try anything labeled dip dry. And featuring chocolate. It would be sooooo good - until I tasted it!

  2. I have never had chocolate and ginger together. I have just recently become a ginger fan so I haven't had too many things with it...yet. Gingerbread pancakes are obviously my first round choice. Chocolate gingerbread pancakes....oooh man.

  3. SO MUCH HURTING. And Emma, this and the orange-choc are my orange-choc combination.

    Why won't people leave my beloved chocolate untainted?

  4. I love white chocolate covered ginger. I need to try te dark version.