Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cacao: White Chocolate Medalions

Even though the milk chocolate medallions from Cacao were disappointing, I went ahead and evaluated the white chocolate medallions from Cacao as well. I tried to be hopeful about these, but groaned a bit when I saw that walnuts sat aside the pistachios and raisins.

We all know how I feel about walnuts. Fortunately, these walnuts were nicely toasted and crunchy, which added some nice texture contrast to the once again soggy pistachio and soft raisin.

The raisin was again juicy and flavorful, but was a bit too sweet against the white chocolate, which itself was disappointing with its gritty texture. The overall flavor was one of slightly rancid nuts and artificial cream. Not what I want out of chocolate, even if it is just a short walk from my place.

Have you ever had gritty white chocolate?


  1. The reviews you do of chocolate you are not fond of always make me giggle. I love how honest you are and straight to the point. I want to try these just because of humorously not as delightful they sound.

  2. There is something about white chocolate that makes it really hard to work with when you melt it. I'm not sure why but it often turns out grainy no matter how careful you are to keep water from touching it.

    I'd love to solve this mystery!

    Sorry these were disappointing. Are you looking for some white chocolate suggestions?

  3. Gritty like the sugar is making it gritty? I agree with the previous commenter, that it's tough to melt. White chocolate should be pure, and not be filled with nuts and candy. I normally have no problem with those, but white chocolate is perfect as is. I used to dislike walnuts, but suddenly I love them. Weird.

  4. I would so disagree with the statement above that white chocolate is perfect as is. Eeeewz.

    It's probably better than soggy nuts, though